Perfect for Multi-Location Businesses

We provide detailed insight into energy usage for restaurant owners and managers

PlotWatt offers appliance-level insights every hour of the day.

PlotWatt monitors and tracks the energy consumption of your restaurant appliance by appliance every minute of the day. That data and insight allows Plotwatt to develop specific customized plans that will reduce your energy consumption.

Before PlotWatt, this level of insight was too expensive to obtain. But our approach is software, not hardware-based, meaning installation costs are reduced dramatically. We track the energy of each of your appliances in real time and display it in easy to read dashboards so your team can manage your energy savings plan.

Easy to set up, easy to plan, easy to use.

PlotWatt works with you to set up a plan that's easy to implement. It's based around your particular store location, not an average model of a typical concept location. As your partner we'll put together an actionable schedule, monitor adherence to the schedule, alert you to non-compliance issues, and show you how effective you've been in reducing your consumption and costs.

Try getting all this for less than the cost of a Value Meal each day!

Real World Results

Listen as Dunkin' Donuts © owner Pete Turner talks about the three core offerings from PlotWatt. Energy Savings, Standard Operating Procedure Compliance and Broken Appliances.

PlotWatt Makes It Easy

Restaurants use 2-3 times more energy per square foot than other commercial businesses. Using proprietary algorithms specially designed for chain restaurants, PlotWatt breaks your monthly usage down by appliance, monitors how you use those appliances each day, and develops specific recommendations to reduce your total kilowatt hour consumption. You can benchmark these results throughout your organization making it run more efficiently with reduced energy and operating costs.

Why PlotWatt is Ideal for Quick-Serve Restaurants

Real Time Analysis

We continuously monitor and analyze your energy data so you don't have to.

Better For Less

Existing systems are too expensive: PlotWatt works better and costs less.

Computers Are Smart

Our analytics and algorithms solve your problems for you.

Clingy (in a good way)

We deliver a service, not a product. That means we're your partner throughout.

Uniquely Custom

We learn all about your store before making your plan: no "off the shelf" stuff.

"Secret Sauce"

Our constantly-improving software algorithms are where the magic happens.

Getting started is easy when there's no downtime or hardware

We'll need a few pictures of your electrical panel and the circuit directory, and a picture of your router. Everything else will be sent directly to your store for the PlotWatt install team. That install will take virtually no store staff time, will not interrupt normal operations, will not require any shutdown, and everyone will be done and gone in no time at all.

Because PlotWatt requires very little hardware, installation and equipment costs are a fraction of what you'll save. ROI is measured in weeks or months, not years.