PlotWatt's FAQs

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What is PlotWatt?

Paying for electricity is like filing your taxes: you get slapped with a big bill and you never really understand how it was calculated or where the money went. PlotWatt solves that problem by putting price tags on the appliances you use every day, and offering specific recommendations to save energy and money in YOUR home.

Yeah yeah, I know I need to turn down my thermostat and replace my lightbulbs. What else can you do for me?

PlotWatt goes way beyond the “rule-of-thumb” recommendations you hear about in the papers. Face it: your house is different from everyone else’s - the things that work for them may not work for you. PlotWatt gives you specific ideas for your home, and tells you how much you’ll save over time. And since our algorithms can track individual appliances, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that if the freezer breaks or your heat pump runs too long, we’ll help you diagnose and solve the problem before it gets out of hand.

What do I need to start using PlotWatt?

All you need is a smart meter that can send your house’s real-time power data over that series of tubes we call the internet. There are a couple of inexpensive add-ons that will get you connected in no time. PlotWatt works with the following meters today and more coming soon: TED-5000, WattVision, Blue Line Innovations PowerCost Monitor (with WiFi bridge), Current Cost, eGauge.

How do I sign up?

Go to to join our daring and attractive group of beta testers.

How much does it cost?

PlotWatt is free for residential customers. A better question is “How much will I save?”

How does it work?

Short answer: it’s a secret. Long answer: advanced machine learning algorithms developed in the PlotWatt labs. Sounds boring, but it’s very cool to nerds like us.

Can I get PlotWatt for my business?

We’re expanding into new small commercial multi-location establishments that can scale nationwide. If you’re a restaurant, coffee shop, or retail owner, we’d love to talk to you - send us an email at: and sign up for the commercial mailing list. We’ll be in touch.

My electric company installed a smart meter. Can it talk to PlotWatt?

Unfortunately, the utilities won’t let their data come out and play with PlotWatt yet, but we’re working on it...

Can PlotWatt automatically turn off my appliances?

Nope. We believe homeowners should have control over their own stuff, but we will give you the info you need to make up your mind. Power to the people (not the appliances)!