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Instead of getting hit with high energy bills each month, PlotWatt shows you exactly where to save. It's your house and your money. Take control.

Services We Provide


Oven left on over night? We’ll help you set up and monitor adherence to an energy usage schedule.

Appliance monitoring

Our disaggregation algorithms compute how much energy your appliances are using every day.


Actionable insight and recommendations are designed to make saving money easy.

Activity alerts

Notifications can let you know if appliances have been left on, are performing unusually, or didn’t come on when they should have.

Peak usage

Some utilities charge more for periods of high usage, especially during peak periods.

Rate optimization

Picking the right rate plan can save you big bucks. Since we know all of the rate plans available and how you use energy, our software makes rate optimization quick and easy.

Perfect for Chain Restaurants

Restaurants use 2-3 times more energy per square foot than other commercial businesses. Using proprietary algorithms specially designed for chain restaurants, PlotWatt breaks your monthly usage down by appliance, monitors how you use those appliances each day, and develops specific recommendations to reduce your total kilowatt hour consumption. You can benchmark these results throughout your organization making it run more efficiently with reduced energy and operating costs.

How We Do It

"Energy disaggregation," "Electricity Disambiguation," "Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring" (NILM)… whatever you call it, it’s a tricky problem. Each of your appliances uses energy in a unique way, we call this an appliance “wattprint.” PlotWatt's top-secret algorithms search out these wattprints to reveal the hidden reasons your utility bill is so large. You'll find out how much energy your fridge is using, the cost of leaving the lights on, how much you'll save by programming your thermostat and much more.

We are real people learning your store through and through

PlotWatt employs some of the top minds in machine learning, signal processing, data analytics, energy research, and computer science to build tools that help you save money. We use PlotWatt on our homes and in our offices. Every day we learn new ways to save our users more energy. We love this stuff. So, if you have questions or suggestions, we want to hear them.