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Make PlotWatt Your Energy Manager


Save Energy: We save you money on your electric bill — 10 to 15 percent — by finding the biggest savings for the least effort.

Extend Equipment Life: We detect performance issues with HVACs and walk-ins that extend the life of your equipment.

Coach with Accountability: We coach your employees to make cost-saving changes that stick through time and turnover.


Utility Solutions

PlotWatt also works with utilities to better serve residential and small commercial customers.

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How it Works

Here’s a quick snapshot of how PlotWatt delivers on our promise to lower your electricity costs effortlessly as an owner.

1. An energy monitor collects electricity data from each of your locations.


2. Our energy analysts mine that data to find the top cost-saving opportunities.

3. We email your team tip to help them make and sustain each change before moving on to the next opportunity.

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If you’re managing energy on your own, ask these questions:

Do your locations:

  1. Tamper with thermostats?
  2. Turn equipment on or off at the right times?
  3. Stagger equipment startup?
  4. Leave parking lot lights on all day?
  5. Leave equipment on overnight?
  6. Turn redundant equipment off after lunch rush?
  7. Have walk-ins low on Freon?

These are a few of the things PlotWatt monitors and manages for you.

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